Discover Head Bangers

The sweets that bite you back!

Head Bangers are perfect for all those sweet lovers out there who find lemon juice too sweet and think that gooseberries and grapefruit aren’t sour enough.
Hold onto your taste buds!

Genuine sourness!

The one and only Head Bangers… the sourest sweets ever! Sweets that make your tongue curl, shake up your taste buds and wake up your senses for good! Hold on tight, we’re off… They fizz and pop and make your neurons bop. That’s what makes them so irresistibly good! ​

Tongue-curdling sensations to suit all tastes ​

Head Bangers sweets are now available in several different forms (balls, bars) and flavours (cola, strawberry, apple, raspberry…) in a range of formats to offer you new sensations (sour, spicy…)! ​

Find out more about all your Head Bangers sweets

Head Bangers are the guarantee of sour sensations, emotions and fun. They have been created so that you can experience surprising sensations that will blow your head off!

Hold on tight! With Head Bangers you’ll get a unique and explosive experience!

Head Bangers are produced by Confiserie du Nord, a family company that is part of the Sucralliance group, which produces and sells an extensive range of sweets for the whole family.

Its vocation is to produce sweets that give consumers new experiences and lots of pleasure! To make the sourest sweets on the market, the company has drawn on the expertise of 200 employees who work on 2 production sites in the north of France! ​

This means that your Head Banger balls and bars are all produced in France! Pretty good, huh?

the sweets that blow your head off!

Head Bangers, the sweets that blow your head off! The sourest sweets on the market, giving you maximum sensations! Balls and bars are available in original flavours: cola flavour, strawberry flavour, raspberry flavour, apple flavour, red fruits flavour, passion-fruit flavour, apple-cherry flavour.

Cola Balls
Strawberry / Raspberry Balls
Strawberry / Apple bars
Barres Hotbars

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